Why do I want to be an Affiliate

Exciting news

Just a Patch is what you have been waiting for.

It is an amazing and effective, non- chemical pain relief patch based on FDA approved ingredients.

It can be used by all ages, and for all different types of pain, without side effects.
We offer a 30 day back money guarantee, and we are so proud it is made in the USA. Just A Patch which launched in October, is backed by years of research development. The frequency based temporary patch relieves pain for 98 % of our customers in seconds. Easy to apply, each patch depending on your body chemistry, can last for days.
Become an affiliate and receive promotional discounts and more.

Since Just A Patch is helping you with your pain, get rewarded for helping others by introducing them to this product.

How to get started

Invest to join as an affiliate for $159.99

An Affiliate starter kit contains

  • 120 single Patches (P-120) (8 sheets of 15 patches each)

  • 25 Brochures ($20 value)

  • A replicated website and back office to track your orders, customers, and commissions ($140 Value)

Affiliate membership requires a monthly autoship of 30 Patches (P-30) for $26.24
Affiliates also receive special pricing not available to the retail markets.

Affiliate revenue structure:

  • One time $40 dollars commission for each new affiliate that you sign up

  • You receive a 10% commission on everything that they sell

  • You receive a 5% commission on everything that their affiliate sells.

  • Two levels pay but there are no restrictions on how wide you make your direct affiliate line

You will also get great corporate support during normal Arizona business hours
Just A Patch will help you if you are new to the industry and we will support your growth.

Just A Patch is not an MLM company.